The Client is asked to read and confirm by signature the acceptance of the Rental Contract. The Client must meet at the requirements mentioned below:

  1. to strictly comply with the Romanian legislation regarding driving legislation
  2. it is strictly prohibited to drive abroad Romania with the rented vehicle
  3. not to lend the car to other persons that are not part of the contract
  4. not to use the vehicle for commercial purpose or lend it to third parties
  5. not to overload the vehicle(regarding number of seats and weight) over the maximum limit
  6. not to use the vehicle in any kind of races, competitions or auto tests
  7. not to leave the vehicle open (doors, windows, luggage) or the keys in the ignition
  8. use the vehicle according to the instructions manual issued by the manufacturer and only with the destination agreed upon in the present contract
  9. driving the car outside open public roads, on excessive muddy roads or on mountain expeditions is not allowed
  10. not to push or tow other vehicles, trailers or any other object
  11. driving the car under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medical substances that affect driving abilities is strictly forbidden

Not respecting these regulations above mentioned, the car seurity deposit for damages can be retained and the full payment for all repairing is required to be paid by the Client to bring the vehicle to the initial functioning state.


  1. Parties: The rented car is the property of the company, The Owner allowing the Client to use it only for the period mentioned in the Rental Contract and under the conditions specified. The Owner reserves the right to refuse the rental of a vehicle or prolonging the rental period without further explanations.
  2. Age: The Client mentioned in the contract must provide a valid driver license, at least 1 year old for B category and to be at least 21 years old. The velicle can be driven only by the person mentioned in the contract.
  3. KM Limit: Between 1-3 days there is a limit of 300 km/day. Exceeding the limit is 0.25Eur/km +VAT. For periods that exceed 3 days, the kilometers are unlimited. When being rented a car for a long period of time, exceeding 4.000km/month is not allowed.
  4. Payment:: The rent and security deposit in case of damage is charged in advance for the entire period written in the contract. The cash payment or banking transfer will be made, in Euro or RON, at the exchange rate provided by BNR (The National Bank of Romania), for the day of the payment.
  5. The rental fee:: Includes the periodic technical check, vehicle maintenance, oil change, insurance, full insurance, road tax(rovineta), VAT, vehicle replacement if there is a technical damage not as a result of usage during the rental period.
  6. Retuning: The Client must return the car at the date and hour stipulated in the contract and in the same good conditions. Minimal period of renting is of 24 hours. In case the Client delays to return the car for more than 3 hours, he will have to pay the fee for another day.
  7. In case of exceeding the contractual terms with more than 5 hours without announcement, the lessor is entitled to consider the car stolen and report the theft to the Police. Usage of the vehicle over the rental period agreed in the contract, without a written aproval constitutes a felony of ilegal owning of the car and is punished according to the Romanian Penal Code and the Owner acting according to the law.
  8. Delivery/Receiving: The vehicle is delivered to The Client in good condition, without hidden or visible flaws preventing the Client from driving the car, with a full tank and with the interior and exterior of the car kept in top cleaning condition. Therefore, The Client must return the car in the same conditions. Contrary to this, the Owner will retain from the security deposit any lack or damage of the car or inventory accessories, according to this contract.
  9. Additional taxes: Any ticket, flat tire, road or parking fee, etc., as well as any repair made on the rental period as a result of damages produced by the Client will be entirely the Client’s responsibility. Also, in case of an accident the Client produced and the vehicle cannot be transported on its wheels, the Client agrees to pay for the lifting platform transportation to the rental company to return the vehicle.

Special mentions: Clients are obliged to immediately inform, in writing and verbal form, of any of the car's technical problems. The possibly missing fuel, stated by the fuel level indicator, will be changed at the rate of €1,5 /liter. The unwashed returned car will be charged at a rate of 30 RON.


For the rented vehicle, a special deposit is necessary, between € 200-500, depending on the type of the vehicle. The amount is refundable upon the return in good condition of the car. The deposit will be retained, partially or entirely, depending on the gravity of the following situations:

  1. partial sau chiar integral, in functie de gravitatea urmatoarelor situatii:
  2. in case of damage produced by the Client’s negligence( damage produced in a traffic accident or damage caused by incorrect parking). In these cases, at least € 150 is charged, insurance franchise tax;
  3. in case the vehicle returns damaged and the client will not be able to provide documents (recording of proceedings issued by police regarding the event, repair authorization, accident reporting of the two parts involved, copies of other drivers involved in the accident);
  4. in case of using the vehicle with malice prepense resulting in deteriorating the interior (staining and burning the stuffing, soiling the thole, losing car keys or inventory accessories, damaging of rims and tyres- elemens not covered by the full insurance);
  5. in case of damages produced by wrongly usage of the vehicle: breaking the oil sump, damage to the engine shield, destroy of the clutch by excessive skid (on snow, mud or wet grass);
  6. in case the Client ignores the lights suggesting a damage on the lighting of instruments and continues to use the car causing technical damages.


A daily insurance can be charged for zero responsibility in case of damage or theft. In this case the special deposit is not charged.The insurance for zero responsibility is not refundable upon the return of the car, at the end of the rental period. In this case The Client will support the payment of an extra full tank. A daily insurance for zero responsibility varies from € 4/day to € 20/day, depending on the type of vehicle.


In case the car was stolen or parts/components of the car were stolen, as in case of damaging or destroying the car, The Client is to immediately inform the renting company so as to announce the incident and be guided in solving the problem.

Then, the Client must obtain the following documents:

  1. ACCIDENT REPORT OF THE TWO PARTS INVOLVED completed to the last detail in case the parties recognize their fault.
  2. In case of serious accidents that require the Police intervention, the following must be obtained: - RECORDING OF PROCEEDINGS BY THE POLICE REGARDING THE EVENT that has to include the signature of the police officer who writes the report, the seal of the police station, and with the mention that the vehicle was/was not driven under the influence of alcohol;
  3. REPAIR AUTHORISATION that has to include the signature and seal of the police officer, as well as all the damaged vehicle’s elements, from the most serious to the slight scratches;
  4. COPIES TO THE ID AND DRIVER’S LICENCE of all the drivers involved in the accident;
  5. COPIES TO THE INSURANCE AND VEHICLE REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE of the other cars involved in the accident;
  6. COPIES TO THE INSURANCE AND VEHICLE REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE of the other cars involved in the accident; By signing to this contract, in case of damage, The Client agrees irrevocably to the acceptance of cooperating with the rental company’s representatives who will initiate proceedings to the insurance company


The vehicle is insured for third parties liabilities only for the period mentioned in the Rental Contract. For mutual infringement stipulated in the contract, the parties are responsible under law. The contract complies with the Romanian legislation. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this contract shall be settled amicably first, and in case of failure, the parties will address the competent courts